Change of plans/ Why my to-do-list keeps changing

NOTE: I wrote this on the 2nd of March while I was in Malaysia working with the Macaca Nemestrina Project (I wrote about it-incessantly). It got lost somewhere in all my scribbled diary entries about my adventures with the Pig-tailed macaques but is luckily apt at all times and for most people.


There were these plans I made

and promised myself I wouldn’t trade;

For anything or anyone.


I drew them out and circled so I wouldn’t forget

but somehow I’m again in this position filled with regret;

Unable to answer myself.


I guess I could say I was watching the stars

scanning the sky, hoping there was sentient life on Mars;

And those should be good reasons.


I heard the birds flitter and tweet

and contemplated why cows could moo but couldn’t bleat;

And those are valid thoughts


But I guess I am doomed to consider once or twice

my brilliant plans, and recognise distraction as my vice;

And make better plans I intend to see through.


Maybe I will soon realise that all my plans

are probably a distraction from some other plans;

So I embrace diversions and digress with gusto.






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