My admiration for Agatha Christies’s mysteries and generally enquiring mind means when I’m not questioning the importance of society, the purpose of organization and the journey of life, my mind is still not bereft of thought. Most of my musings are in vain. Most discussions in my head are frustratingly ambiguous, or end with how much better things might be in an idyllic world.

Science, although my source of joy, is also, sadly most definite in its ambiguity and transience. But I have itches- to unveil mysteries outside of the realm of mainstream science which can give me momentary relief.

Here I present to you three recent instances- the stuff of nightmares I tell you!

  1. The BOOK – For anyone who hasn’t read Looking for Alaska and means to…SPOILER ALERT!!

I decided to finally to get with the times and read John Green’s Looking for Alaska but some helpful soul obviously received sadistic pleasure in informing us of the elements of suspense and plot twists.

Point- Asshole! It’s definitely their Small victory

  1. The definitely- not- glass slipper
Enter a caption

What would possess a person to leave one slipper behind on the footpath? Where’s the other one? Is this a new way of signifying drug cartel and gang turfs like they do with shoes on telephone wires?

  1. The nostalgia attack– A long forgotten song popped into my head as I lay in bed. It was from a Television show called Blue’s Clues intended for young children. It was a great show as I remember. The host Steve made ‘Nerd’ cool before The Big Bang Theory and the likes. He had a haircut that reminded me of Dexter’s nemesis Mandark, wore the same green striped shirt every day and had pants up to his waist (aah! The 90s). Did I mention he was a good artist and pretty much the coolest dancer ever? He had a dog called Blue who defied gender stereotypes being a BLUE, FEMALE, SUPER SMART character, who left paw prints as clues for Steve (I might be reading too much into it now that I want to justify my attachment to the show but think about it.). “Steve, I liked him!” I thought. But the last time I happened to chance upon Blue’s Clues, there was some dude, a wannabe- Steve. I’m sure I’m biased but I wanted to know what happened to Steve.

The mystery of the book – I didn’t want solved so fast and the mystery of the slipper, I won’t be able to solve because I didn’t have Prince Charming’s resources but this I could find. I knew it would be easy to find as there are other weirdos like me…I hoped and I found it-BIG REVEAL

So yes, I understand that we all want something we can hang on to and claim to know for sure. But plunging head first into a mystery is fun too. As long as you’re wearing both your slippers.


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