The Inconvenient Truth

It has been so long since I’ve written anything, I thought the other day but I had in fact been wondering about my ‘block’ for longer.

It’s not like I had nothing to write about. And yet somehow every time I sat down to so much as rant-any semblance of a coherent thought would seem unattainable.

My reason for not writing about the many things I wanted to address could be easily explained away by laziness-one of my many vices, but deep down was the troubling truth. I had been ruminating on the idea of biases for a long while now connecting every little incident in my daily life to it. Ideas we tend to hold dear even in the face of overwhelming evidence against said beloved idea. This fascination with objectivity bordering on obsession meant I even conceived an idea to write about biases as a regular feature addressing Racism, Sexism, Homophobia, Religion and Science. Great idea with one crucial flaw.

Skepticism that I like to think of as my strongest personality trait and objectivity and rationale as my strongest wishes would demand that I question every single factoid before forming a thought and this is an arduous process especially in an age where one is overloaded with information, no filters or categorization. This overload is generally combated by the general populace by either shutting it all out completely or resorting to creating their own filters thus subscribing to things where their interests lie and more often than not, confirm their prejudices.

And I have been so caught up in untangling the mess in my head so I could pen my opinion, perhaps the reason I procrastinate is because I’m always afraid I don’t have all pieces to the puzzle and don’t know if I ever shall.

Logically, I know my little blog means nothing in the larger scheme of things but this is about MY own quest for understanding the world and how my perceptions may or may not change.

Every thought I have, I question and doubt. Scrutiny and introspection have rendered me almost helpless and my opinions about seemingly trivial things seem shaky and unreliable. The lack of order seems frustrating. Yet fighting these very individual demons of prejudice is a large part of the process of Science and event life. I guess I just hadn’t realised it would play such a large part of mine.


One thought on “The Inconvenient Truth

  1. alivecuriouscat December 27, 2015 / 1:47 pm

    Yeah. The charms of skepticism. I once waxed eloquent on the moral high grounds that skepticism holds, while discussing religious belief. A loveable wise man in Kenya told me, if you take skepticism to perfection, you have to close your mouth shut. When you say ‘I do not know’, you effectively say, I do not know that I do not know’. So you are not being a true skeptic when you say that you do not know.

    Thus the only sensible way to deal with it is to weigh the presently available evidence to see if one can reach a conclusion beyond reasonable doubt.


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