Things I didn’t do

On a lazy Sunday, watching drizzle become rain

I lie about thinking of all the things I have been meaning to do

There was the book I wanted to pick up, about work done in vain;

Write about what irked me – ‘how to pronounce quinoa’ and regressive attitudes too.

There was this recipe I have been meaning to try;

But assume, the ingredients are too exotic to find,

A song inspiring me to procrastinate less was replayed till I saw my plan go awry;

Watched a series so enthusiastically till my interest declined.

I do seem to have been busy, I don’t remember being still;

I am sure I wasn’t twiddling my thumbs all this while.

But as I watch the swaying branch scratch my window sill;

I think I might be misguided by my own guile.

There was a friend, I wanted to stop from becoming an acquaintance;

But was too lazy to write to,

Because life is a series of strangers is my insistence

Watching the drizzle turn to rain is what I do.


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