This has been an ambitious project from the start-to write about science about my affection for it and why I think everyone must have a soft corner for it too. But I have never mulled over a topic so much as I have with this one- because it might explain how I view the world and how you would view me. It could raise more questions than it answers and is never satisfying which is not something any body would like.

I might never like this particular post as it won’t be perfect- but if I am to ever explain anything about science it is this- Science is an adventure- an epic journey to search for a truth-as objectively as possible without any assumptions and more importantly while knowing all the time that your ‘truth’ can either pave way for another ‘truth’ or completely be toppled by it and this cycle must continue. Science is a process without protocol or too many incentives. SCIENCE IS NOT PERFECT and doesn’t aim to be because it deals with facts and the fact is- NOTHING IS as PERFECT as we WOULD all agree for something to be.

Confused?? Reread!
Confused?? Reread!

It is not only about what you study academically but more importantly how you approach something- curiosity must be satiated with the understanding that it might never be quelled and discussions must be undertaken where knowledge must flow freely-while being aware that a conclusion might not be practical.

This transient nature of science makes everyone squirmish I assure you. And thus our societies come up with appropriate safety nets like superstitions, religion and mythology because it takes lesser time and effort to preach and feel safe following than it does to convince and co-operate in constant chaos.

I am still on my road and I am terrified because I know the journey is treacherous and that I might be tempted to fall into the net but knowing that the net is most likely a farce created to numb our senses-might unnerve me all the more until I am too tired to fight it but until then-Science and I-we play our game and I invite everyone to join in.


2 thoughts on “SCIENCE and I

  1. alivecuriouscat December 31, 2014 / 8:47 am

    Happy to see the new chapter in your blogs.
    Science does not have a grand preconceived Truth to prove. That I guess keeps your mind free from getting trapped in spaces.

    You can breathe in the free air of trying to understand the world, asking further questions about it. Sometimes wondering whether there is a question at all in it.

    The fun of the journey itself, at times stopping for a while and carrying on witb the journey again. At times, getting tired and wondering whether there ever will be a settled mind and then realising that this journey itself is the settled state.

    This, I guess is the satisfaction that one looks for in this quest.


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