Spring Cleaning

Tis a dreaded thing to clear out everything you own

and discover parts of yourself you had locked away

memories forgotten so long ago;

half an earring,mouldy old shoes, a top with a mended tear.

That overflowing cupboard has keys for the lockers of your brain;

And that is why we mostly defer that strain.

Because we must painstakingly flit through each little memory

and realise ever so often that some have faded past recognition or must be abandoned,

Some memories take up so much space and their material manifestations do too

and thus dusty shelves and filled up drawers;

containing news articles you know you won’t read and dried up glitter glue you used on a project in middle school;

must be thrown out and the memories associated with it -either discarded or edited as per your liking so you can look back upon it if it is that precious.

Tis a dreaded thing to pack up and take only things you need:calculating the baggage allowance for souvenirs of your life;

Requiring a mind-willfully forgetful and equally courageous.

And I because I’ve done this many a time should find it easy;

but the time it takes to go through, reminisce, ponder and classify still make me weary.

Worthy of a very special entry.
Worthy of a very special entry-perhaps another day.

2 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning

    • meghamajoe December 3, 2014 / 1:50 pm

      Yes, In fact- people have told me they have.


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