Writer’s Block

I have always tried to remain neutral when it comes to writing things which are open for public viewing and this one of the most difficult things for a person with many opinions.

But as much as I love poking fun at the expense of things, I try to be super careful while choosing my words and ideas, because let’s face it-I’m horrified at the prospect of confrontation-even via internet (gamergate, almost any time someone writes about the ‘glass ceiling’-to list a few…well two).

Off late- I have been experiencing a horrible case of writer’s block. My resolution “I shall write a post atleast once every fortnight.” has long been forgotten,lying behind the other mangled literary-corpses, those belonging to ideals I once upheld and stories I once treasured.

So, I kept thinking all the while that I must find the reason for this feeling of not being able to come up with a single little idea that I could use to write about. Things seemed to be happening all around me- there’s sights, smells, feelings, people dying, crying, loving, lying. All wonderful things and there is, if not total silence- this white noise,making it difficult for me to elucidate one single notion I could possibly use.

I read a lot of books, short stories, scanned the web-got a terrible case of TMI(Too much Information) and was still not able to think of an appropriate , mostly uncontroversial thing to write about.

Over many weeks, I came to the conclusion that I must write to express my moods. I must start taking responsibility for my actions (and words) and yes- bear the brunt, if I court controversy.

More importantly I realised that I should not be under the assumption that I am the most impactful writer out there just because I happen to write.

If I SCAN atleast a few dozen articles daily other than the news, videos of cats and celebrities, OTHER PEOPLE DO SO TOO. By the end of the day- my words are probably(at least hopefully) lost in somebody else’s brain thanks to the avalanche of information they suffered that day-for no apparent reason other than- “This seems interesting and might be valuable some day-just like all the other stuff I went through today-Eg:’What colour is my aura- really?’ “.

So here I am, ready to take the flak along with a few fans while I await the rise of my buried words to awaken my figertips.

P.S- I know what colour my ‘Aura’ is 

You got: Yellow Aura
Your aura is yellow. You can always be counted on for optimism and encouragement,and you have a knack for saying just the right words at the right time. Those with yellow auras tend to have great health, probably in part due to their pleasant disposition. Though you occasionally over-analyze situations, you only mean to make yourself and others as happy as possible.”

One thought on “Writer’s Block

  1. alivecuriouscat November 20, 2014 / 9:48 pm

    You can’t have your opinion and keep it yourself too.

    Pour it out. Let the aura brighten up some lives


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