A letter

(If you know the context in which this letter has been written please do not mention it- just comment with a smiley, like or share)

Dear __

You may want to pretend that you do not know me, but after my close association with you over the past few years I think I have earned the right to be frank with you.

I chose you because I genuinely thought and still believe that everyone has flaws, some more obvious than others and I thought I would make up for yours with my enthusiasm. So I veiled your flaws, defended you by saying that everyone deserves a chance. Because I presumed that I would be rewarded for my patience with you. A patience I do not show in my other dealings in my otherwise miserable and humble existence. I hung upon your every word when you promised you would improve. Your history should have told me otherwise but I was bound by loyalty that my ego wouldn’t let me break.

But my dear, you have broken all promises, berated my loyalty and dishonoured  my honest and humble regard for you. I am but a slave to your whims and fancies and you have left me broken and my dreams have morphed into nightmares.

I thought that when one’s flaws are obvious, they reflect that things can’t get worse- only better- but you have tipped the glass and I have no way of thinking it is half full. It is as empty as your promises and as futile as my unfulfilled wishes.

I shall not belittle you, my dear as I have nothing to compare you to but you have been a part of the majority of my adult life and have taught me lessons by thrusting me into chasms when I wished to merely perch precariously over their edges before flying away, flitting past the ravine. You have helped turn my sense of adventure into one of misadventure and for that I thank you with the whole of my heart.

You have taught me more than I will ever learn and for that I must be grateful, because sadly, you have left me with no other options.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely





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