Troubling Twenties

People always warn people about the ‘Terrible Teens’ but no one ever warns those terrible teenagers about their lives after the teens (mostly because as I have constantly maintained- PEOPLE ARE HUGE SADISTS). My teenage years have been not so problematic (I’m sure my parents would beg to differ but what do they know 😉 )but my 20s has initiated a whole different set of issues.

Recently, I have had the unfortunate privilege to frequently check Social networking sites. And I realized that I was possibly leading an extremely uninteresting life compared to all those people I secretly stalk on facebook (we all do that right?). And I was devastated. It should have come as absolutely no surprise to me considering I hate interacting with anything that is not a fungus, a plant or a non-human animal and find it almost excruciating to make small-talk to an acquaintance and am terrified of strangers. But still I read somewhere,online of course, that just as people go through a mid-life crisis in their 40’s, people also go through something similar in their 20s and then I did the stupidest thing I could do to deal with my problems- I looked for a solution on the internet. And out popped photos of happy people with perfect skin and hair jumping and screaming, drinking and dancing. GREAT! I thought- that’s what I want from my 20s. But more spewing was yet to be done by this Oracle of Awesome. Titles of articles like ’20 things to do in your 20s’, ’20 places to visit in your 20s’, ’20 cocktails to make in your 20s’, ‘How to make the most of your 20s’ ,’Be successful in your 20s and successful in life’ and so on. And in my gullible and fragile state of mind- I read all of this nonsense the sensible me would have quickly discerned as “What crap”. Yes I’m that desperate for a hint as to what to do with my life and whether I’ll make something of myself, whether I’ll ever make any money doing what I love, how much of a loser I was for not having a “drinking buddy” and a 4 am friend or a BFF or a childhood sweetheart. My life was indeed uninteresting and that depressed me all the more considering all of the advice was extremely impractical and hugely weird.

After many days of self-loathing and wallowing in self-pity, I got off the couch and justified myself, a thing all of us do when an internal conflict arises. I do not capture every moment of my life and its slightly interesting moments and splash it across the internet, I have no interest in Pintrest and Snapchat and instagram sound like something I would regret using (It is for most users from what I note).And most importantly, those unfortunate few people I do call friends and close acquaintances, all in their 20s seem to be going through the EXACT SAME troubles and looking through the same websites for ’20 shortcuts to success’, ‘How to be the next Zuckerberg’ and so on and sadly none of us know how to FUND and live the ‘Binge drinking’ and ‘weed smoking’ lifestyle even if we want to. Those people visiting 20 places in their 20s seemed to have struck gold because I would not know the first thing about ‘brunching with my buddies’ and ‘Partying all night till aunty calls the POLICE’ (Courtesy- YO YO HONEY SINGH Of course).

I am ALREADY 20 and don’t know what WILL happen to me. The only satisfaction I get (proving my sadist streak theory) is that neither do most people.



2 thoughts on “Troubling Twenties

    • meghamajoe June 26, 2014 / 1:10 pm

      Damn! I thought it’d get easier with age. Robert Frost was apparently in his late 30s or early 40s when he wrote Road not Taken. Brilliant!!


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