Paranoia 2- TEA

Of the few things that completely un-nerve me;
There’s nothing scarier than the knowledge that someone’s coming home for tea,
It makes no sense that I should clean my room,
it is my sanctum-hence mostly neat, you’d presume;
and rightly so, but the question here , more divine
is why someone, be it a relative stranger (or a strange relative) would enter this sanctum o’mine.
Because, I am now old , I must be a picture of grace and sensitivity;
I learn to swallow my pride and my urge for naiveté;
When the guests discuss so-and-so’s daughter’s matrimonial suitability
I know not to chide the hypocrisy of our petty society.
When a mother is ridiculed for her irresponsibility;
I must decide not to question the accusers’ ability.
When matters slip into politics, religion or the weight of a member of the glitterati;
I must learn to bite my tongue till I am asked for an opinion- to observe nicety.
I must listen to how someone’s child I have never met has been admitted to MIT;
And learn of someone’s daughter’s friend’s husband known for his notoriety;
So to avoid any and all problems, I decide to smile and recede to the kitchen to help with the tea;
The snacks accompanying the tea will need to be served to display a large variety.
And hence that is what I do- serve and feed to avoid all social faux-pas
I pretend to be interested in the features of that amazing new car.
To stop myself from ruining my image of sweet serenity;
I stuff my face, as gracefully as possible, with biscuits and treats
To not be berserk about this situation’s gravity;
I fuss over how tea grows cold and the foodstuff’s rancidity.
Mostly as I sit and smile, silently losing all mental faculties of mine;
I hope that the guests don’t stay back to dine.
Yes I understand the place of tea and gossip in the web of life;
And with great difficulty-explain man’s love for strife.
As the tea is stirred- the murkiness brings clarity;
I believe I slowly begin to understand this ritual’s necessity.

2 thoughts on “Paranoia 2- TEA

  1. Tejas Harad May 21, 2014 / 2:24 pm

    I see a rebel there, silently plotting a coup. 😀 Nice! Loved it. 🙂


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