Paranoia 1

I have decided that we are all a little crazy about some obviously random things in our daily lives. What better way to encourage people to be comfortable in their own skins than to write about some of my pet peeves. The things which irk me are sometimes silly and sometimes serious and the extent to which I worry about them most likely borders on OCD.

So here’s the first one that comes to mind:

BEVERAGES: You know how we tend to cover cups of tea or any beverage with a beverage-cover, a coaster or some article to prevent things from falling into them or to keep them warm. WELL I DON’T. Yes, I now admit that I have a fear of covering my cups and glasses with ANYTHING.

I have this immense fear that the liquid inside- if hot-will condense on the underside of the cover and mix with the dirt, grime and what-not and fall into my beverage. If the beverage is cold-the condensation phenomenon is similar and similarly nerve-racking.

I have often tried to reason that its better to have some dust and dirt in my coffee than a drowned fly. But I somehow have not been able to get over this peeve of mine. I have even resorted to cleaning the surface of the covers, sometimes, magazines, yelling at people who were just trying to protect my Sharbats or green tea.

On rare days when I am in a good mood, I will be extra cautious as to the drinks being served to me, will prefer to make it myself and drink it as soon as it has been prepared with caution. For now  I do not know what else to do about this problem of mine



Tell me about it!!

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